Someday My Duke Will Come (Isle of Synne 2)

Written by Christina Britton
Review by Ray Thompson

Though beautiful and the daughter of a duke, Lady Clara has resigned herself to spinsterhood after a youthful indiscretion. Her determination is undermined, however, when Mr. Quincy Nesbitt calls to see her cousin Peter, the current duke, and the old attraction between the two stirs into life. Quince intends only a short visit, but his plans to travel are disrupted when he discovers, to his horror, that he has inherited an impoverished dukedom. Then the pair find themselves entangled in a false engagement. Might it become the real thing?

This, the second in the Isle of Synne series, is full of coincidences and other elements of melodrama: dark secrets and hidden documents, unexpected inheritances and staunch friends, dissolute half-brothers and cruel stepmothers (Lady Tesh is a great-aunt, not a stepmother, and imperious rather than cruel; but she does put a lot of pressure on Clara; and Quince’s stepmother is ghastly). Lovers of Regency romance will appreciate this story of two attractive people who triumph over adversity.