Silver Bullet

Written by Jo Graham Melissa Scott
Review by Barbara Goldie

Silver Bullet is the third in the Order of the Air Series, following on from Lost Things and Steel Blues. Melissa Scott and Jo Graham tell yet another gripping story, and with their intense detail and snappy dialogue it is an adventure on the page. Readers will not be disappointed.

Although Silver Bullet is part of a series, it is also a great standalone novel. Lewis and Mitch are pilots from Gilchrist Aviation who are undertaking flying tests on the next generation of Terriers. It is Armistice Day, and they are just completing a lucrative one-week contract. Returning home, there is a missing plane to find, Thanksgiving to celebrate and adventures to be had.

The sense of location the authors create quickly transports the reader to Canada. With a great sense of time and place the story is pure escapism. The feel of life in the 1930s is pictured well, and the pace keeps the story flowing.

All the characters, main and minor, are very well drawn; they become friends very quickly. The authors create individual, believable personalities for all their characters, Alma being my particular favourite in this book. It is a quick and easy read that really romps along with detailed descriptions. For lovers of aviation and adventure stories, this book has new and missing aeroplanes. For lovers of mystery there are tarot cards, artefacts and a few surprises along the way. An excellent read I can truly recommend.