Shot in Southwold

Written by Suzette A. Hill
Review by Sarah Cuthbertson

It’s 1960, and Lady Fawcett accepts an invitation to the set of a film being shot in Suffolk by her daughter Amy’s current boyfriend, Bartho. She sees this as an opportunity to vet Bartho but, as Amy has a previous engagement involving her stud whippet, Lady Fawcett asks old friend and amateur sleuth Rosy Gilchrist to accompany her. Also arriving in Southwold are prissy professor Cedric and his friend, fashionable florist Felix, who has a minor role in the film. Already there are Bartho, stars Robert and Alicia, and Tippy, a flibbertigibbet starlet. Following a party at the house of flamboyant Vincent Ramsgate, a body is found on the beach.

The latest in a series featuring Rosy Gilchrist, this is as light-hearted as a murder mystery can be, with puns, farce, frothy characters and a not particularly challenging mystery. Period feel is supplied by dialogue and contemporary cultural references. An entertaining read for a wet day in Walberswick.