Setting Two Hearts Free

Written by Janet Grunst
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

Set mostly in Virginia during the last years of the American Revolution, this is the story of rebel soldier Donald Duncan and of Mary Stewart, his long-time sweetheart, who waits for him at home. Their love is never in question, and their commitment to each other goes back to pre-war days. While they are parted, both are damaged severely by the horrors of war.

The book describes everyone’s anxiety over whether Donald will make it home at all, and the stresses that many returning combat veterans face. It shows how Mary struggles with the aftermath of a life-changing, terrible, war-related experience. This is a slowly paced story with a strong moral tone, inspiring but never preachy. Donald and Mary face genuine psychological hardships as the war winds to a close. They both wonder if they are capable of building a happy, emotionally healthy marriage.

Fans of clean, sweet, inspiring historical romance will like this. It is the stand-alone sequel to A Heart Set Free and A Heart for Freedom.