See Also Murder

Written by Larry D. Sweazy
Review by Janice Derr

Life is pretty uneventful in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota, during the summer of 1964, until news hits that a farming couple has been brutally murdered in their sleep. The local sheriff is baffled by the discovery of a mysterious copper amulet found clutched in the husband’s hand. He calls on his friend and neighbor, Marjorie Trumaine, a professional indexer, to help him research the amulet’s strange markings. Marjorie initially welcomes the exciting new task. Life has been tough on Marjorie since her husband’s hunting accident, the previous year, left him blind and paralyzed. She normally spends her days working on freelance indexing projects, trying to make enough money to keep her struggling farm afloat, and taking care of her bedridden husband. But soon the danger of her investigation becomes all too real when another body is found in her barn.

The isolated landscape and the small cast of characters give the story a bit of a locked- room mystery feel. Marjorie is an engaging character who uses her indexing skills to help her solve the murders by creating an index of all of the clues and suspects. A fast-paced book that will surely please mystery fans.