Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love

Written by Betsy Prioleau
Review by Claire Morris

Today’s woman needs to revive the art of seduction if she is to experience a fulfilled life. This is the premise on which Prioleau’s book is based. Most women, she writes, either allow men to dominate them or they try so hard not to be dominated, they are shutting themselves off from love. They should learn from history’s examples – Cleopatra, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Wallis Simpson, Nell Gwyn and Catherine the Great, to name just a few – women who managed to attract the best men, without compromising their ambitions, talents, intelligence or adventurous spirit.

Controversial, possibly offensive to some, Prioleau challenges women to think critically about domesticity, staunch feminism and apathy about relationships with men.