Secrets of the Terra Cotta Soldier

Written by Vinson Compestine Ying Chang Compestine
Review by Viviane Crystal

A Chinese officer serving in 200 B.C.E. under Emperor Chu’u yearns for battle, but has long been assigned only to “boring” tasks like guarding the Great Wall. When he finally gets the chance to engage against the Ch’in (Qin), he takes several heads, an act that entitles him to fame and riches – but instead, the Chu’u general condemns him to die as a terra-cotta soldier because his ability is negated by his disobedience.

So begins the story told to a young, poor boy living during the Communist regime of Chairman Mao. Ming’s father’s position as the manager of the Xi’an museum is at risk, as he hasn’t found any notable artifacts in quite a while. However, when two greedy laborers bring a broken statue of a terra-cotta soldier to Ming’s house, dramatic, thrilling change is looming. This is the tale of a statue that comes alive, tells the story of his life and death, and reveals a secret place where highly technological dangers protect other “dead” soldiers and officials. The story is accompanied by fascinating photographs and drawings that enhance this riveting tale. A fascinating YA historical for readers of all ages!