Scandalous Ever After

Written by Theresa Romain
Review by Val Adolph

This Regency romance, set in England and Ireland in 1818, marries a love of horses and riding with the romance between Kate—the Lady Whelan—and Evan Rhys. Evan, best friend of Kate’s late husband, has settled into a career of identifying fraudulent antiquities to try to forget his impossible love for Kate.

When Kate attends one of his lectures, Evan finds himself pulled back into her orbit and visiting with her family for the Newmarket racing. Horse lovers will find this a worthwhile romance, because horses of different types are close to the characters throughout the story, and they almost become characters in their own right.

Travelling to Ireland, Kate and Evan discover not only a possible source for the fraudulent antiquities but also the possibility of deeper relationship between the two of them. Scandalous Ever After, the second in Theresa Romain’s Romance of the Turf Trilogy, digs deep into the emotions of both protagonists with exceptionally revealing and honest internal monologue. This helps to make the inconsistent behaviour of the lovers believable. This is a well-written book in the Regency romance tradition. The addition of well-loved horses is a definite plus.