Scandal Takes the Stage: The Wicked Quills of London

Written by Eva Leigh
Review by Ray Thompson

The second in The Wicked Quills of London, a Regency series about female writers in an era when such unladylike conduct was disapproved of, focuses upon Maggie Delamere, a successful playwright of melodramatic burlettas. Cameron, Viscount Marwood, has long been an admirer of her work, but when he meets her in person, he finds himself falling in love with a young woman who is intelligent as well as pretty. She, however, after the earlier experience of being abandoned by an aristocratic seducer, turned out by her family, and giving birth to a stillborn child, is wary of another aristocrat, especially one with so notorious a reputation. Nor is she willing to risk a scandal that will destroy her writing career.

There are interesting insights into the world of theatre in 1816 and the challenges faced by writers, but most of the attention is given to the feelings of the lovers, as their mutual attraction creates a classic confrontation between emotion and reason. It becomes rather protracted. This will appeal primarily to Regency romance enthusiasts.