Elizabethan England, in the latter part of the 1500s, is expertly and graphically portrayed in this exciting story of illicit love and turbulent emotions.

Aspiring playwright Tom Goodluck is totally enamoured with his married lover Meg Stuckton; however, when dangerous circumstances prevent the lovers from being together, the only way Tom can survive is to flee his home town of Salisbury. Heading for the excitement of London, Tom soon becomes involved in a series of adventures which will ultimately lead him to his heart’s desire, which is involvement in the exciting world of the London stage. Caught up in the drama of the Elizabethan theatre, Tom meets the enigmatic Huguenot, Alexandre Lamotte, whose penchant for espionage and danger will lead both men into the very heart of court subterfuge. Meanwhile, Meg has her own journey to endure before she can take her rightful place in Elizabethan society.

The story literally thrives on excitement: from the rural domesticity of sixteenth century Salisbury to the magic and mayhem of the glorious city of London, there is never a let-up in the narrative. The diverse characters, who flit into and out of the story, are reminiscent of a richly embroidered tapestry, each adding their own little splash of colour to the finished work. As the sights, sounds and smells of Elizabethan England are brought to life in glorious detail, the whisper of danger never seems very far away.

The story is professionally finished to a very high standard; there is fine attention to detail and enough twists and turns in the narrative to keep the most erudite of readers entertained.  I have no hesitation in recommending this book as an exciting romp through the hurly-burly of Elizabethan England, when plots and counter plots were the order of the day and where hidden danger lurked around every corner.

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