Written by Roberta Gellis
Review by Mirella Patzer

In 12th century England, King Richard I has ascended the throne of England. Lady Alinor Devaux is the heiress and ruler of a vast estate. The dowager queen charges Sir Simon Lemagne, a trustworthy but poor, landless knight, with wardship of Alinor to protect her and her holdings from unscrupulous suitors. Simon is a clever, experienced knight, many years her elder and dedicated and faithful to the king and dowager queen.

Simon and Alinor’s mutual respect for each other soon blossoms into love. Simon has a difficult time accepting his feelings for Alinor, due to their age difference. Alinor does everything she can to win her hero and convince him that she truly loves him. Finally, Simon succumbs to his feelings, but must earn the right and win the king and queen’s permission to wed Alinor.

Impeccably researched and accurate, Roberta Gellis is a master of the medieval period. The book is full of vibrant details of the time as it follows King Richard I to the Holy Land during the Crusades. Published first in 1978 and 1983, this version comes complete with two bonus features and a medieval recipe.