Rise: A Nightshade Novel

Written by Andrea Cremer
Review by Kate Braithwaite

Ember Morrow has fought her family and convention to be allowed to join the Order of the Knights of Conatus based in Tearmunn Keep. But amongst the Order, concern has grown about the true nature of their leader, Eira, and her mysterious henchman, Bosque Mar. With a small band of fellow knights, Ember leaves the Conatus, choosing friendship and love over the demands of her oldest friend, Alistair. Impossibly fast shadow hounds and a murderous sea kraken pursue them, conjured through a portal to another world by Bosque Mar. And when Ember’s beloved, the knight Barrow, is wounded, she is forced to turn back. For the rebellion to succeed, Ember must persuade Eira and Alistair that she has returned to their side and rejected Barrow, choosing to marry Alistair instead. But Ember does not yet realize the truth about Bosque Mar or the secret experiments that Alistair is undertaking in the cellars of Tearmunn.

Set loosely in 15th-century Scotland, Rise is a young adult novel that blends historical, paranormal, and fantasy elements into a page-turning read. Ember is a memorable and strong protagonist beset by dangers on all sides and struggling to know her own heart.

This is the fifth novel by Andrea Cremer set in the Nightshade world, and the second with an additional historical setting. In Rift and now in its sequel, Rise, Cremer suggests a fascinating origin for the werewolf legend and weaves rich fantasy and elements of history into a high-octane adventure with huge teen appeal.