Queen of Trial and Sorrow

Written by Susan Appleyard
Review by Susan Adler Johnson

This novel  gives a realistic depiction of Elizabeth Woodvile, who is usually portrayed as ambitious, greedy and scheming. Appleyard’s Elizabeth is ambitious for herself and her large family, yet very much in love with Edward IV. The surrounding historical characters are likewise realistic, neither completely good nor completely evil, in contrast to many other fictional works based in this time period, which seem to exaggerate the negative characteristics of these same historical figures.

Appleyard has obviously done extensive research. Whenever possible, the book appears to be consistent with known historical facts.

I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in reading about the Wars of the Roses. Although a historical background is helpful when reading fiction set during this time period, Appleyard provides accurate material and the necessary historical detail to understanding her characters and their actions.

E edition reviewed