Out Of Shadows

Written by Gloria Cook
Review by Myfanwy Cook

This is the second novel in the Meryen series following Keeping Echoes. Intrigue, lust and passion run through this story set in the isolated Cornish village of Meryen. The plot intertwines the fortunes of Sarah Kivell, the young widow of the violent Tempest Kivell.

Tara Nankervis is doomed to an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage to Joshua, with Kit Woodburne an outsider with a shadowy past. Kit is determined to make the Kivell family pay for his loveless childhood and intends to show no mercy in his quest for revenge.

The declining tin mining industry and the obsession of the Cornish landed gentry with transforming their gardens into botanical wonders provide contrasting backdrops for the characters to act out their parts in this dark family story. Alongside the main characters are a cast of smaller, but vivid ones, such as the jealous and vengeful Dinah, and Laketon Kivell, whose sadistic and chilling personality alters the lives of all those who he comes into contact with. In particular, Tara’s weak husband Joshua, who falls completely under Laketon’s spell.

Gloria Cook’s loyal readers will be queuing up at the library to borrow this fast-paced, often violent tapestry of human emotions.