Only For a Knight


Juliana Mackay has made a promise to her dying mother. She will take the little money they have to repay her uncle, chief of the Black Stag clan. Juliana does this under protest. Her mother was leman to the Black Stag’s half-brother, and Juliana feels her wealthy uncle never helped them enough. On her way to his castle, she saves a drowning sheep and is fortuitously clonked in the head, giving her amnesia. More fortuitously, her bodice is ripped, because at that moment, the Black Stag’s son Robbie Mackenzie happens by. He is going home to marry his betrothed after ten years of sowing his wild oats. He rescues Juliana, ogles her while she is unconscious, and falls helplessly in lust. Because she is addled and chilled, he decides to bring her with him despite his waiting fiancée. In the castle there is ample opportunity for more ogling until they eventually make love. Body parts are described in glowing terms, and italics are rampant. Meanwhile, Juliana must regain her memory. Robbie must find an honorable way to dispose of his betrothed. And they both must figure out why the Black Stag is so dead-set against their marrying.

This book is part of a Highlander series that has received rave reviews. It may be that prior familiarity with these characters would make them more interesting. If you are a Welfonder fan, or are looking for something with more steam than substance, this book may suit. However, for those who avoid genre romance in general, this might be one to avoid in particular.


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