One Touch of Scandal

Written by Liz Carlyle
Review by Monica E. Spence

1856, Victorian England. Governess Grace Gautier is accused of murdering her fiancé, a man who offers her security and a home, who just happens to also be her employer. The devilishly handsome Lord Ruthven, an aristocrat of mixed English and Indian parentage, is a member of the mysterious Guardians with a gift for seeing into people’s hearts. He keeps both emotional and physical distance from people, for if he touches someone, he can see his or her secrets, a skill that gives him nothing but pain. Ruthven is determined to find the killer, for he suspects Grace is innocent, though he is unable to read her heart. Grace and Ruthven work together to solve the murder, which forces them to investigate their own ancestry and the history of the Guardians. The story mixes a murder mystery with Eastern and Western mysticism, a secret society, and a dash of history. One Touch of Scandal is the perfect read for a cool fall evening by the fireplace.