On Shifting Sand

Written by Allison Pittman
Review by Jo Ann Butler

Nola Merrill lives in a parched world. The 1930s drought is blowing Oklahoma away with each grit-laden windstorm, and throughout Nola’s life, her father withheld affection from his family, shriveling their souls with punishment and rejection. Even after Nola marries Russ Merrill, she feels something is missing. She has two lovely children and her husband is well liked by his dwindling congregation. However, deep down, Nola knows that while Russ loves her deeply, she married him to escape.

Then Russ invites an old college friend to dinner. Jim Brace lost an arm in World War I and, like so many others, Jim was left homeless and impoverished by the Depression. Despite his handicap, Nola’s attraction to him is immediate. When her husband offers Jim a room and meals in return for minding their hardware store, Nola wonders if she will be able to withstand temptation.

Allison Pittman’s On Shifting Sand is indeed a tale of temptation, but also of survival and redemption. When Nola and Russ find her father near death in his dust-filled farmhouse, they take him in. Will Nola be able to forge a healthy relationship with him? After she succumbs to Jim Brace’s charms, can Nola rekindle her love for her husband? Try Ms. Pittman’s heartfelt story to find out, and if you are like me, you will enjoy every word.