No Cure For Love

Written by Jean Fullerton
Review by Fenella Miller

This debut novel, by Jean Fullerton, is a masterpiece of its genre and will be the start of a glittering career.

The writing sparkles form the first page as the reader is drawn into the seamy world of Victorian London. The feisty Irish heroine, Ellen, is fighting to survive in the East End. She is a widow, supporting her mother and daughter by singing in a dingy pub in the evening and taking in laundry during the day. She is determined to save sufficient from her earnings to pay for the three of them to sail to New York to join her brother. Danny Donovan, terrifying and convincing villain, is determined to break her down. Into this mix comes Dr Robert Munroe, a quiet, determined man, who takes the poverty and squalor of the East End as his personal crusade. Danny Donovan’s grip on Whitechapel is challenged by Dr Munroe and Ellen is drawn into this; but she knows her growing feelings for Robert will come to nothing. Class is a permanent barrier. No one ever defies Danny and lives to talk about it.

This book is a compelling read. Every page is packed with authentic historical detail; you can smell and taste the poverty. The violence and despair of the impoverished is carefully balanced by the charm and gentleness of the two main protagonists. Jean Fullerton’s authentic knowledge of both London and Victorian history allows the reader to become immersed in the period. No Cure for Love is not just a saga, it is an accurate and believable story seen through the eyes of credible and riveting characters. I can highly recommend this book; it is a tour de force and will make the author a leader in this field. I can’t wait for the next one.