My Wicked Little Lies

Written by Victoria Alexander
Review by Alice Logsdon

Two years into her marriage to the Earl of Waterston, Evelyn Hadley-Atwater is asked to return to her former post as an intelligence agent for the Crown for a short-term assignment. She had happily relinquished her duties in order to marry the earl. She never told him about her past.

Resuming her life as a spy is not something Evelyn ever contemplated. The circumstances, as explained by Sir Maxwell Osgood, involve the potential exposure of her former boss. Known to her only as “Sir,” this man, whom she had never met, had nonetheless played a large part in her life, as well as her fantasies, prior to marriage.

There is nothing especially surprising about the plot of this romance. The historical setting, London in 1886, is insignificant to the story. However, the characters are likeable and the dialogue is entertaining. This is obviously the beginning of a series, with plot twists that set up future installments.