My Hope is Found

Written by Joanne Bischof
Review by Jo Ann Butler

Gideon O’Riley has never been more certain of anything – he wants to return to Lonnie Sawyer. Lonnie was once his wife, but graciously stepped aside when Gideon became infatuated with another woman. Now he wants nothing more than to have that second, unconsummated marriage annulled, and to be reunited with Lonnie and their young son. Gideon walks over the Appalachians to sort out the formidable legal tangle, but it can’t be done quickly, and Gideon becomes aware that time is not on his side. He has been parted from Lonnie for many months, and though she still loves Gideon, Lonnie thought he would never return. She has agreed to marry Reverend Toby McKee, who shares her faith.

My Hope is Found is the concluding volume in the Cadence of Grace Christian historical series, set in Virginia in 1902. Much of Gideon and Lonnie’s complex past escaped me because I haven’t read the first two books, but My Hope is Found is smoothly written and enjoyable, and fans of inspirational stories should have a look at Bischof’s series.