Murders Most Foul

Written by Alanna Knight
Review by Valerie Loh

In 1861, Detective Constable Faro has to solve the mystery of a murdered woman whose body has been found abandoned in an Edinburgh close. His superior officer, Detective Sergeant Gosse, is determined to pin the murder on any suspect as soon as he can. He quickly becomes frustrated with Faro when he suggests this is no random killing, but one linked to other murders that occur. In each case a playing card, the nine of diamonds, has been found at the scene. Faro follows his hunches and pursues his theory that a serial killer may be at large. Meanwhile, Gosse sets his eyes on Lizzie, who is in love with the detective constable. Throughout this intriguing mystery there is an emotional intensity, which is deepened because of Faro’s affection for Lizzie despite his desire and obsession for his first love, Inga St Ola.

The book has been beautifully written and researched. Victorian Edinburgh has been recreated to thoroughly engage the reader with the characters and settings as they follow the intricacies of the plot. Faro finally discovers the identity of the murderer in what is a delightfully surprising resolution to the case. The final scene delivers a very touching and satisfying ending to what is an enjoyable crime novel.