Murder in Murray Hill

Written by Victoria Thompson
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

The obstacles keeping midwife Sarah Brandt and policeman Frank Malloy from teaming up romantically fell away by the end of the last installment of the popular Gaslight Series.  But repercussions in their lives have just begun.  Frank has barely taken on the case of a missing daughter when he is fired because of his inherited wealth.  When the distraught father asks him to continue the investigation as private investigator, his new career is born.

The missing woman had been responding to “lonely hearts” ads, and the trail to her leads Frank and Sarah to caged women, human trafficking, and a double homicide.  The local police and Frank’s ex-workmates quickly jump to obvious conclusions.  Frank is more careful in his analysis.  Sarah is caring for abused women she doesn’t want to see damaged further.

Painful truths, both personal and political emerge by mystery’s end about the fate and reputation of women in New York’s gaslight era.  A highly creative solution is found. This series continues highlighting a time and place and the personal lives of its charismatic sleuths.