Miss Lavigne’s Little White Lie

Written by Samantha Grace
Review by Monica E. Spence

When is a widow not a widow? When she is mistaken for one, since she is wearing mourning clothes. This confusion sets the stage for this Regency romance steeped in fortunetelling, blackmail, betrayal, and greed.

Mademoiselle Lisette Lavigne must escape her cruel fiancé when she discovers his plan to toss Rafe, her special needs brother, into an asylum to control his fortune. Desperate to get her cousin, Serafine, and Rafe out of New Orleans, Lisette throws herself on the mercy of the first ship’s captain sailing to London.

Captain Daniel Hillary, remembering his late wife’s behavior, knows a woman, much less two, aboard ship is trouble. But Lisette’s Creole beauty tempts him beyond reason, and he offers her passage for a small price, and adds an invitation to warm his bed. After all, she’s a widow, isn’t she?

Lisette’s and Serefine’s unusual mixed-race background makes for an interesting dynamic. The relationships of all the characters are interesting, and there are enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages to the end.