Mary, Queen of France

Written by Jean Plaidy
Review by Kathy King

Renowned historical fiction author Jean Plaidy has written numerous stories featuring the Plantagenets, Stuarts, and Tudors along with other royal families throughout history. Several of Plaidy’s books written early in her career are now being republished. Mary, Queen of France tells the story of Princess Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII.

This story begins when Mary is a child of ten. As Mary grows to womanhood she falls in love with the handsome Charles Brandon, friend to Henry. Even though Henry adores his sister, he orders her to marry the elderly King of France. Mary is heartsick, and has no choice but to do her duty as a Princess. When the King of France dies shortly into the marriage, Mary vows to marry no other man but Charles. Fearing the wrath of her brother Henry VIII, Mary fights all odds to have a life with the man she loves.

Plaidy’s characters are so genuine that you feel as if you are eavesdropping on the conversations of royalty. I highly recommend Mary, Queen of France as an enchanting glimpse of life at the court of Henry VIII.