Marike’s World

Written by Catherine M Rae

Marike’s World is written in the form of a long letter from a woman living in New York City around the time of the American Revolution to her grown-up daughter. She is recalling the events of her life, from girlhood to courtship to early married life. On a recent visit the daughter has asked her mother what life was like when she, the mother, was young, and Marike finds that she can describe it much better on paper than in spoken words.

Her life has included a series of tragedies and tribulations, but she rejoices in the happy times and the simple pleasures of everyday life. She meets her future husband when a group of young people spend a day helping to pick pears at a nearby orchard. Though the scene is a short one, the author paints such a vivid image that the rosy feeling never quite dissipates through the darker events to come. Death, through battle and illness and other causes, hovers, but is accepted with resignation.

This book is a very quick read, but I found its impact to be much weightier. It was a pleasure to spend time with Marike and her family. I shall be looking for other books by Catherine Rae.