A Snake Lies Waiting: Legends of the Condor Heroes Vol. III

By Anna Holmwood (trans.) - By Jin Yong - Published 2020



China, 1200 or thereabouts. In this third volume in the series, earnest young martial artist Guo Jing is in a pickle. Together with two ...Read Review

A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts

By Therese Fowler - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Alva has one duty: to secure a marriage that will save her family. Though her bloodline traces back to French royalty, her father’...Read Review


By Alisa Smith - Published 2018



In this fascinating dual-timeline novel we meet the enigmatic Lena Stillman, a codebreaker working at the Esquimalt Naval Base near Vancouver on the ...Read Review

A Gathering of Ravens

By Scott Oden - Published 2017


Historical Fantasy

A Gathering of Ravens creates a rich, grim fantasy world made from Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic myth, with strands of Tolkien. Obscure names ...Read Review

Pandemic 1918: Eyewitness Accounts from The Greatest Medical Holocaust in Modern History

By Catharine Arnold - Published 2018



As World War I was ending, influenza killed 20-50 million people worldwide. The H5N1 strain of the familiar virus attacked, seemingly preferred, ...Read Review

The Husband Hunters: American Heiresses Who Married Into the British Aristocracy

By Anne de Courcy - Published 2017



This non-fiction book reads more vividly than many novels. The husband hunters might appear to be wealthy American young women hoping to marry ...Read Review

The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family

By Helen Rappaport - Published 2018



July 17, 1918 is the day in Russian history when the assassination/murder of the Romanovs took place. The former Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, ...Read Review

The Shadow Emperor: A Biography of Napoleon III

By Alan Straiss-Schom - Published 2018



It may be more accurate to say the life of Napoleon III (1808-1873) encompassed the Second French Empire (1852-1870) rather than the reverse, ...Read Review

The King’s Assassin: The Secret Plot to Murder King James I

By Benjamin Woolley - Published 2018



In 1603, when James VI of Scotland was crowned James I of England, it was customary for kings to have a “favorite” – a trusted ...Read Review

Promised Land: A Novel of Israel

By Martin Fletcher - Published 2018


In Munich, Germany, in 1937, we meet Peter and Arie. Peter will escape Germany before the Holocaust tragedy begins; Arie will be forced to ...Read Review

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