Lovers and Ladies

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Two classic stories by beloved Regency author Jo Beverley are brought together in this single volume, creating a delectable book filled with all the charm of the London Season. In The Fortune Hunter, Amy de Lacy and her siblings face poverty. Amy, the only beauty in the family, decides to marry a fortune to save her family from destitution. But when she meets Harry Crisp, a seemingly average country gentleman, her heart is torn between duty and desire.

In Deirdre and Don Juan, the dashing Earl of Everdon is most eager to marry anyone who will bear him an heir. But when he meets quiet, well-bred Lady Deirdre, he must resort to an affectionate plot of deception to gain her acceptance to his proposal, since she is determined to marry another.

Both stories are delightful, classic Regency romances written in the best of Beverley’s style. Blending well with one another, the stories mesh to create a lovely volume where the heroes find their hearts and eyes opened to love.