Love for a Soldier

Written by Mary Jane Staples
Review by Chiara Prezzavento

Spring 1918. Crash-landed in German-occupied France after an aerial duel with the Red Baron, wounded and desperate for escape, Captain Peter Marsh thinks his fortune has just turned when he chances on a French-speaking young lady in a Bugatti car. Little does he know that his reluctant driver is the daughter of a German general – but Sophia von Feldermann, running from her father to elope with an unsuitable fighter pilot, can’t turn in the Englishman without spoiling her own chances. And of course, to make things trickier, Sophia and Marsh soon start to develop a mutual regard. Set against General Ludendorff’s preparations for what will be Germany’s last great offensive on the Western Front – both a hindrance to fugitives and something an enemy officer should never be allowed to see – this is a slightly repetitive romance, made interesting by Sophia’s conflicting loyalties and German point of view.