Lost and Gone Forever: A Novel of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad

Written by Alex Grecian
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

London in 1890 has Private Detective Nevil Hammersmith on the trail of missing Scotland Yard Murder Squad detective Walter Day. Finding the missing detective has been Hammersmith’s major case for over a year. Day has been imprisoned by the mysterious “Saucy Jack,” also known as Jack the Ripper, and the Murder Squad has been unable to discover his whereabouts.

The large department store, Plumm’s Emporium, has become the latest setting for Jack’s crimes. Mysteriously, Jack lets Day go, although Day’s memory has been erased or is in shambles. Day is still under the spell of “Saucy Jack,” and unbeknownst to him, he has been ordered to kill one of Jack’s adversaries. We must wait until the conclusion to find out who it may be.

Another installment in the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad series, this book continues where The Harvest Man left off. I suggest reading the previous book first, because of the ongoing attempt to capture Jack the Ripper and the kidnapping of Detective Day. That made this book easier to follow, especially in explaining the diabolical villain and his ongoing hatred of Hammersmith. The plot is definitely fast-paced, the characters are products of 19th-century England, and the story builds to an exciting climax.