Lord of Shadows

Written by Mary Lennox
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Lord Devlin Charmichael, Marquess of Headleymoor, is caught between two worlds; he is an heir of a British duke and a prince of Zaranbad. Devlin feels trapped and unsure of his destiny. As a British spy, he disguises himself as Dr. Ram Bass and protects his brother, the King of Zaranbad, from assassination.

Lady Caroline Berring, a proper lady with a dubious heritage, is thrust into the center of society when Devlin pays attention to her. Danger lurks around every corner as Devlin attempts to unmask the terrorists who threaten his loved ones’ safety and seek to destroy his country’s alliance with Britain. As Caroline’s reputation resurrects itself, Devlin finds himself falling for this pretty lady, but she is soon in danger from the terrorists.

This is engaging Regency-era historical romantic suspense starring two likable protagonists. Although the plotline is a bit far-fetched, the story is still entertaining, mixing suspense and romance in an enchanting tale of two worlds merging.