Lady Blue

Written by Helen A. Rosburg
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

Raised on a cattle ranch in the American West, Harmony Simmons must move to England to live with her older sister Agatha when her parents die. For reasons unknown, Agatha despises her younger sister and threatens to deny Harmony her financial inheritance. On her first day in England, Harmony’s coach is robbed by a handsome bandit and that evening she is kidnapped by the same outlaw. After a day in his custody, he releases Harmony, but the hearts of the two have become entwined. The next day, the bandit returns and presents himself as Lord Farmington. Is he the bandit in disguise, or is he really a lord who pretended to be a bandit just so he could meet her? Agatha pushes the two together, hoping to rid herself of Harmony, but Harmony isn’t sure what to think. Can she trust him? Should she listen to her heart or her head?

Despite its simple plot, uncomplicated characters, and lack of historical references, Lady Blue is a fun and entertaining read.