Lady Beware

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Sue Asher

The Company of Rogues began when twelve schoolboys banded together for mutual protection. They grew up to fight Napoleon and then, in Jo Beverley’s popular Regency romance series, faced the even more daunting challenge of courtship amongst the ton. Now, there is an anti-Rogue. Horatio Cave was a social outcast at school who grew up with a grudge against the cliquish group. As an adult, saddled with a family tree including murderers, rapists and the insane, he remains on society’s fringes, despite inheriting the title Viscount Darien. Still, Darien is determined to restore honor to the family name. He has a strong military record but needs a reputable woman to champion his crusade. He chooses Lady Thea Debenham, sister of a Rogue. Thea is beautiful, intelligent, and rigidly well-behaved. As she helps him gain acceptance, he helps her push against society’s boundaries. The alliance appears to benefit them both. Of course, sparks fly. However, not everyone wants to see Darien succeed, and an attempt to ruin his reputation once and for all may be dangerous not only to Thea’s reputation but to her life. Cameo appearances by many Rogues make this an enjoyable read for fans of the series.