India Black and the Gentleman Thief: A Madam of Espionage Mystery

Written by Carol K. Carr
Review by Monica E. Spence

This is the fourth book in the India Black series, and I can’t wait until there are more. India Black runs an upscale brothel to pay the bills, and in her not-so-spare time, she is a spy in the employ of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. When one of her best clients, Colonel Francis Mayhew, forwards a bill of lading for tools to our heroine, she resents the man turning her business into a post box. But when India and her partner, Lachlan French, find the man butchered in his rooms, they are on the case.

But even the most courageous madam in England would find it a challenge to keep her sanity and sense of humor while battling thugs, an invasion by an elderly Scots Marchioness and her entourage; a pregnant collie; Vincent, a street urchin turned French’s assistant spy; and the sudden – and uncomfortable – appearance of the first man who ever stole her heart.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this installment of the India Black stories. Carol K. Carr’s research into the Victorian period did not get in the way of the flow of her complex plot. Her well-rounded and realistic characters caught my interest, and her humor kept me chuckling to the last page. I highly recommend the India Black and the Gentleman Thief. I eagerly await the next book in the series!