If the Earl Only Knew

Written by Amanda Forester
Review by Ray Thompson

Lady Kate Ashton and John Arlington, Earl of Wynbrook, are anxious to avoid each other, though the reasons are complicated. In this Regency, however, they are continually thrown together in each other’s company, until the barriers eventually come tumbling down. Unsurprising, really, given the number of exciting adventures they are forced to share: robbery and abduction, forced marriage attempts and wild pursuits. And the powerful physical attraction between them, of course. But who is behind the cruel plots, launched against Kate and her twin brother the Earl of Darington since childhood? And why is she so convinced that she can never marry?

The pace is unrelenting, at times hectic, and the improbable sequence of events teeters on the edge of melodrama. Fortunately, the scandalously independent heroine is a delight; the hero, though a ‘bastion of society’, is noble and suitably fascinated; and the humor lively and ironic. Highly recommended to those who enjoy a witty Regency romance.