Honor Among Thieves

Written by J M Aucoin
Review by Richard Tearle

Darion Delerue is a man with a past. Once a soldier of King Henry IV of France, he now earns his money as a member of a gang of highwaymen. When a planned raid on a prominent member of the king’s court goes wrong, Darion finds himself involved in political plot and intrigue that threaten to take France into war with old enemies, Spain.

As far as plot lines are concerned, Honor Among Thieves has just about everything: heroes who are just as much villains as they are heroes, villains of whom some have the elements of heroes, and a love affair that has so much more than just holding hands in the moonlight! The action is constant, fast paced, there from the very start and well written before the conclusion. Or is it? For this is the first of a series entitled Hope and Steel and the author has set himself up well for further volumes.

Unfortunately, I have to take issue with the editing which sees some misspellings and a few sentences which seem either unfinished or do not make sense. There are also a few expressions and phrases which I would question as to whether they were in use in 17th century France.

If the editing can be sorted out and those anachronisms altered then I would have no hesitation in marking this as ‘recommended’, or even possibly a potential Editor’s Choice. Even so – a cracking good read.