The Pomegranate Gate (The Mirror Realm Cycle)

By Ariel Kaplan - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In The Pomegranate Gate, Kaplan builds two parallel worlds. One is based on Inquisition-era Spain. The other, the realm of the semi-immortal Maziks, ...Read Review

How to be a Renaissance Woman: The Untold History of Beauty and Female Creativity

By Jill Burke - Published 2023



Jill Burke is a historian of the body and its visual representation, also noted for her Royal-Society funded project, ‘Renaissance Goo’, to remake ...Read Review


By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Rome, 1599: six-year-old Artemisia Gentileschi is hoisted onto the shoulders of the painter Caravaggio in order to witness the public beheading of Beatrice Cenci. ...Read Review


By Ana Veciana-Suarez - Published 2023


15th-16th century Spain. Dolça Llull Prat, the young, artistic daughter of a Barcelona aristocrat, lives a carefree life of luxury until ...Read Review

Ritual of Fire (Cesare Aldo series, 3)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2023



This is the third book to feature Cesare Aldo, an officer of Florence’s criminal court. As the title suggests, heat is at ...Read Review

The Queen’s Scribe (Sea and Stone Chronicles)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2023



When Estelle, daughter of the Grand Master Jacques de Milly’s falconer in Rhodes, arrives at the Cyprus royal court in summer 1457, she ...Read Review

Margaret of Austria

By Rozsa Gaston - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

History, as most of us know it and are taught it, is filled with the names of kings and emperors. Few women make ...Read Review

Three Fires

By Denise Mina - Published 2023



This short, vibrant novella from acclaimed Scottish author Denise Mina immerses the reader in the life of Girolamo Savonarola, a Dominican priest. In ...Read Review

A Blackened Mirror (Memoirs of the Borgia Sibyl)

By Jo Graham - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

1489, Italy. Giulia Farnese longs for a marriage that will take her away from her village, and though she is of good family, her ...Read Review

The Rose of Florence

By Angela M. Sims - Published 2023


The story is set in mediaeval Florence when the Medici family was at the height of its powers and the city seethed with ...Read Review

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