Unfinished: The Inspired Life of Elisabetta Sirani

By Kelly Evans - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Unfinished tells the story of the remarkable 17th-century Italian painter Elisabetta Sirani, who became one of the greatest artists of her time but ...Read Review

I, Mona Lisa

By Natasha Solomons - Published 2022


I, Mona Lisa is a beautiful love story. It is historical, beginning during the Italian Renaissance, and is narrated from the first-person point ...Read Review

The Dance Tree

By Kiran Millwood Hargrave - Published 2022



Strasbourg, in the long hot summer of 1518. A woman starts to dance in the market square. The dance is relentless, and soon she ...Read Review

The Darkest Sin (Cesare Aldo series Book 2)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2022



Florence 1537. Cesare Aldo, Florentine crime-fighter in a city with many factions, is sent to investigate rumours that men have been seen climbing secretly ...Read Review

Abigail of Venice

By Leigh Russell - Published 2021


1562: in a Lithuanian ghetto, Abigail’s impoverished parents marry her off at puberty to Reuven, a violent, drunken man many years her senior. ...Read Review

Medici: Legacy (Masters of Florence, 3)

By Matteo Strukul - By Richard McKenna (trans.) - Published 2021



When Francis, heir to the throne of France, is found dead, many at the French court use the opportunity to make political mischief ...Read Review

The King’s Anatomist: The Journey of Andreas Vesalius

By Ron Blumenfeld - Published 2021



Jan van den Bossche has been the best friend of anatomist Andreas Vesalius since childhood. The two are “astral twins,” sharing a birthday ...Read Review

Europe’s Babylon: The Rise and Fall of Antwerp’s Golden Age

By Michael Pye - Published 2021



Antwerp? Great city of the Renaissance? Yes, as important in its own way as Florence, Venice, and Rome. In this engaging, deeply researched, ...Read Review

The Rabbi and the Painter

By Jennifer Kirkham (illus.) - By Shoshana Weiss - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

This picture book imagines a friendship between two historical figures: Rabbi Judah Aryeh and the Renaissance painter known as Tintoretto. They lived near ...Read Review

Tuscan Daughter: A Novel

By Lisa Rochon - Published 2021


In the village of Settignano outside Florence, Beatrice was orphaned by her father’s murder and her mother’s abandonment. Through her, Tuscan ...Read Review

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