Holding the Fort

Written by Regina Jennings
Review by Xina Marie Uhl

When Louisa Bell arrives at Fort Reno, Oklahoma in 1885, she’s got to tread carefully. An unemployed dance hall singer with a ne’er-do-well brother in the cavalry, she’s pretending to be a governess while she figures out how to reinvent herself. Louisa is nothing if she’s not adaptable—though audacious may be a better way to describe her—so she takes on the challenge of educating the dashing but stern commanding officer’s two wild young daughters. The problem is that her formal education is lacking, and behaving like a respectable woman is quite the challenge when she has been raised in less-than-respectable venues. She manages it only after a slew of misadventures.

Louisa’s character is by turns hilarious, charming, and inventive, and it is this winning combination that endears her to Daniel Adams, the commander of the fort, and his daughters. This good-natured tale evolves naturally and treats matters of faith with a light, heartwarming touch, making it a perfect read for lovers of historical romance.