Hell’s Underground Series: Witch Breed

Written by Alan Gibbons
Review by Val Loh

Paul Rector is a well-behaved school boy who rarely breaks the rules. His only immediate family is his very protective mother, who inwardly pines for the loss of his brother. However, the truth of his genetic inheritance is about to be revealed as his life is changed irrevocably. This is a magnificent quest of good against evil. Paul follows his destiny in time-slip fashion as the underground provides access to various eras of London’s troubled history. Brilliantly told and skilfully written, these books will delight, horrify, entice and mystify the unsuspecting reader as the ultimate evil of the satanic King Lud threatens.

When Paul finds himself in 1645, Witch Breed adds a new dimension to the journey. The history of cruelty administered by those breathing ignorance, superstition and fear adds to the evil presence. The sinister intentions are used to build tension and pace.

King Lud is held by four seals, but one by one they are being broken. Paul’s journey continues. The darkness has deepened, the threat grows. His battle within is ongoing as he fights to take control, defeat Lud and return home.

Excellent reading for young adults and adults alike.