Heart in the Highlands

Written by Heidi Kimball
Review by Anne Leighton

In this Scottish Regency romance, Collum Darrington agrees to an arranged marriage with Lady Katherine Hadleigh if his father, the Duke of Edinbane, will help Collum’s uncle. But when the duke reneges on his part of the bargain, Collum leaves his wife after one day of marriage and goes to Barbados to find his fortune. After four years, Collum returns to reclaim his wife—and his marriage. During his absence, Katherine has had a daughter, Charlotte, the result of their one night of marriage. His attempts to win back Katherine and prove that he can be both a husband and a father are the crux of the story. The characters are appealing, and the story is sweet. The prose is well-written, and its central theme of the importance of vows and integrity is thought-provoking. However, it is overlong and would benefit from thorough editing. But fans of light historical fiction will find it a satisfying read.