A Haven for Her Heart (Redemption’s Light)

Written by Susan Anne Mason
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1941 Toronto, Olivia Rosetti is released from a woman’s reformatory after having been banished by her family for conceiving a child out of wedlock. With nowhere to go and her baby lost, she seeks solace in an empty church. There, Olivia encounters wealthy widow Ruth Bennington, who takes Olivia under her wing, and under her roof. Soon, the two develop a great bond and decide to open a home for women in need.

Darius Reed, a Greek widower and father to a little girl, works for a ruthless employer who wants the Bennington House, at any cost. Under orders, Darius must help force Ruth’s hand and sell the house. As he gets to know the two women, though, and their mission, his feelings are soon conflicted. Darius begins to fall in love with Olivia, making him question his employer and his devious methods.

This is a slowly paced novel that carries the weight of many deep topics, highlighted by Christian elements with characters who have an enduring faith in God. It is clear where the story will lead, and readers are not often surprised. But, this soft, gentle read is nonetheless a delight. Olivia’s struggles are real, and she captures the essence of many women of this time. It was also a nice change to read a story set in the World War II era, but that didn’t focus on the war itself.