The Christmas Doll: A Repair Shop Story (Repair Shop Stories)

By Amy Sparkes - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

This story opens in the present day when little Evie and her great-grandma, Sue, take an old doll named Lizzie to the Repair ...Read Review

Rosie Raja: Mission to Cairo

By Sufiya Ahmed - Published 2023


.Children/Young Adult

September 1941, and Rosie Raja and her father visit a WAAF training school in England. The drive there has been, she surmises, an excuse ...Read Review

The Two-Tailed Snake (Fairlight Moderns, 17)

By Nod Ghosh - Published 2023


The effect of war and civil, political and religious unrest on the experiences of children and adolescents continues as a never-ending source of ...Read Review

Just Once

By Karen Kingsbury - Published 2023


In 1941, in Bloomington, Indiana, pretty Irvel Holland is busy with her studies at university and, while dating Sam, is secretly enamored with his ...Read Review

Brothers by Honor

By Janet Yeager - Published 2023


This debut novel captures the tension and intrigue surrounding resistance activities during the German occupation of Norway in the early 1940s. Teenager Kory ...Read Review

Nineteen Steps

By Kathleen McGurl - By Millie Bobby Brown - Published 2023



The novel is inspired by the experiences of Brown’s grandmother, who lived in London during the Second World War and survived the ...Read Review

The Enemy of Love (Aria Book)

By Annabelle Thorpe - Published 2023


1943 was a difficult year for Italy.  Until July it fought as an ally of Germany against the British and Americans in Tunisia and ...Read Review

The War Begins in Paris

By Theodore Wheeler - Published 2023


A story of two women. One is famous, an audacious, beautiful, headline-grabber who is both loved and hated; the other is hardly noticed. ...Read Review

The Air Raid Book Club

By Annie Lyons - Published 2023



At one level this is another feel-good book about the resilience of the British people during the wartime bombardment, not just the Blitz ...Read Review

Nothing Else But Miracles

By Kate Albus - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

When twelve-year-old Dory’s father goes off to fight the Nazis, her brother, Fish, is left in charge of her and their younger ...Read Review

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