The Wolves in Winter (The Wolves WW2 Series)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2022



Early in WW2, in order to help Russia with wartime shortages, Britain promised to send them food, ammunition and military equipment. As transport ...Read Review

The Pilot’s Girl

By Catherine Hokin - Published 2022



The Pilot’s Girl is the second book in the Hanni Winter series.  While it can be read as a standalone, I would ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Daughter

By Linda Boroff - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Daniela is the daughter of a scholar and a seamstress in Yedinitz, Romania. In 1940, she is a young teen just on the cusp ...Read Review

Wartime Friends

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2022



1938. Fears of war are prevalent. Eighteen-year-old Carolyn lives on a farm on the Lincolnshire coast with her parents and fifteen-year-old brother, Tom. Carolyn’...Read Review

The Doctor’s Daughter

By Shari J. Ryan - Published 2022



In 1941, 16-year-old Sofia Amsler is quietly preparing for Shabbat in her family’s house near the Auschwitz concentration camp when she overhears Nazi ...Read Review

A Daughter’s Hope: Book 3 in the Yorkshire Blitz Trilogy

By Donna Douglas - Published 2022



Douglas focuses primarily on twin sisters Maudie and Sybil Maguire in the city of Hull, who have joined the WAAFs in the Second ...Read Review

Dr. B.

By Daniel Birnbaum - By Deborah Bragan-Turner (trans.) - Published 2022



Immanuel is standing in the first-floor corridor of Kronoberg Prison in Stockholm, watching Gottfried Fischer enter. Fischer is the publisher who hired Immanuel ...Read Review

The Ways We Hide

By Kristina McMorris - Published 2022


Fenna Voss is an escape artist—of Depression-era Copper Country Michigan, of orphanage abuse, of her stage career as a magician inspired by ...Read Review

The Puppet Maker’s Daughter

By Karla M. Jay - Published 2022


The Puppet Maker’s Daughter tells the harrowing story of the Hungarian Jews in the final year of the Second World War. Up ...Read Review

The Lost Children

By Shirley Dickson - Published 2022



German bombs fall indiscriminately amongst the populace, and single parent Martha makes the heart-wrenching decision to send her eight-year-old twins to safer territory ...Read Review

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