Gunpowder Plot

Written by Carola Dunn
Review by Tess Allegra

It’s Guy Fawkes Night, 1924, and Daisy Fletcher, née Dalrymple, is invited to celebrate at friend Gwen’s family estate in the Cotswolds. However, internal fireworks pre-empt the festivities with family quarrels ignited by Sir Harold, Viscount and unyielding scourge of the family’s wish to move with the times. Yet “stiff upper lip” prevails as the upper crust is invited to view the pyrotechnic wonders of this venerable English tradition. But where Daisy goes, murder usually follows. Predictably, the despised Sir Harold is found dead in his library, apparently after having killed one of his visitors. Nearly everyone has a motive, as Daisy’s husband, D.C.I. Alex Fletcher, discovers when summoned by the Chief Constable to investigate with a minimum of fuss or scandal. Daisy will add her intuitive powers to the case in her usual inimitable way, and a fairly transparent solution will be proven.

For ongoing fans, this story is an enjoyable read if only for the suspense of wondering when the very pregnant Daisy will deliver her first heir.