Grail Knight

Written by Angus Donald
Review by Chiara Prezzavento

After following the outlawed Earl of Locksley in his many adventures as Robin Hood, Alan Dale feels ready to settle down in his manor of Westbury, with his beloved wife at his side. It soon becomes apparent, though, that if he thinks he is done looking for trouble, trouble is not done looking for him, in the shape of the French Templars he once helped cheat and rob in France. With his manor burned down, and his wife ailing and likely cursed, Alan has little choice but to join in a quest for the Holy Grail, the mystical cup rumoured to cure all illnesses – that also happens to be the object of Locksley’s obsession. Latest in a series that re-imagines the legend of Robin Hood, this novel brings on board the myth of the Grail, together with evil Templars in the way of Walter Scott. The result is a vivid, colourful, adventurous page-turner, in which well-loved characters face old and new foes.