Gone West

Written by Carola Dunn
Review by Audrey Braver

It is 1926; Daisy Dalrymple, amateur sleuth, has done it again. Wherever Daisy goes, can murder be far behind? The answer in this case is: no. An old school friend, Sybil Sutherby, who works for a popular novelist, invites Daisy to visit her boss’s country home in Derbyshire. Sybil suspects someone or something sinister is going on there, and she wants Daisy to assess the situation. Just when Daisy is convinced there is nothing for her friend to worry about, her invalid host dies suddenly. His doctor is suspicious and calls in the police. An autopsy proves death due to poison. The local constabulary calls in Scotland Yard and sends Daisy’s husband, Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, to handle the case. The country house is full of guests and family members, none of whom have a concrete motive or opportunity to commit the murder.

Dunn has written numerous novels including 19 mysteries featuring Daisy Dalrymple. This latest mystery disappoints; the plot is contrived, and the villain’s motive is weak. However, fans of the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries may enjoy another sojourn with this heroine.