Follow Your Heart

Written by Rosanne Bittner
Review by Mirella Patzer

In 1873, the Union Pacific Railroad faces bankruptcy because of shady investments and greedy investors. Jude Kingman, eldest son of the incredibly wealthy owner of the railroad, is tasked with saving the Union Pacific by recouping the money from innocent landowners along the railway route or by seizing their land and forcing them from their homes. In Plum Creek, Nebraska, Jude walks a thin line as he struggles to fulfill his father’s wishes while being as fair as possible to the landowners. He is smitten by Ingrid Svensson, the daughter of a poor Swedish immigrant, but she and her family and neighbors see him as their enemy.

Amid shootings, murder, and personal tragedies, Ingrid begins to see the good in Jude, but the difference in their social status stands in their way. With Ingrid’s undying faith and love, Jude uncovers the painful secrets of his cold-hearted, socially conscious family.

This is a heartwarming, inspirational story that brings to life the strong social values and morals of the Victorian era. The novel accurately depicts many of the difficulties facing immigrants who came to the new world to eke out a living on the American plains with little more than hard work and their undying faith in God.