Father Unto Many Sons

Written by Rod Miller
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Lee Pate is a dreamer. It is the 1840s, and Pate hates the institution of slavery. He decides to uproot his wife and three sons from their home in Tennessee and head west for parts unknown. Upon arriving in Arkansas, he discovers he forgot a valuable book and tells his sons to return to Tennessee and get it from his brother. His youngest son, Abel, who believes in his father’s visions, accidently kills his uncle but does obtain the book. They then return to Arkansas.

The Pates meet up with the Lewis family while laying up at Fort Smith for the winter. The Lewis family consists of a father and four daughters. Together, the Pates and the Lewis family head for New Mexico. The families face almost insurmountable odds along the way.

A Spur Award-winning author, Rod Miller has produced a page-turning novel that includes family disunity among the brothers along with a love story. The characters are likeable and, blended together with very good scenic descriptions, provided me with a narrative that kept me in suspense until the conclusion.