Ever Constant (The Treasures of Nome)

Written by Kimberley Woodhouse Tracie Peterson
Review by Erin Page

Whitney Powell lives in Nome, Alaska, at the turn of the 20th century, homesteading with her family on an historic farm. Even though she has friends in every corner of her remote town, she often feels alone, having dealt with hardships and tragedies from a tender age. Whether coming to terms with her alcoholic father or dodging the advances of the local con man, Whitney relies on a religious upbringing and her own ingrained sense of duty to keep herself strong for everyone depending on her. As a mysterious illness strikes the people of Nome and her efforts to treat people brings her closer to the town doctor, Whitney finds a calling to heal her own troubled heart, too.

The third in the Treasures of Nome series, with each installment featuring one of the three Powell sisters, this novel stands on its own as a sweet and appealing faith-based story. The familiar turns of the cozy romance play out intriguingly against the harsh landscape of the Last Frontier, and Whitney proves to be an independent heroine who will have the reader cheering her on.