Elena’s Song

Written by Peggy Stoks
Review by Nan Curnutt

Elena Breen is through with life. She left her husband and infant son for a career on stage, which ended in disaster. Elena was gifted with an incredible voice, and she was well on the road to stardom when her voice failed her. Deserted by her manager and left with nothing, she decides to end her life through starvation. She is impatiently awaiting death when her estranged husband finds her. Through his incredible love, and the love of the Lord, Elena starts to improve. But can this love overcome all the obstacles Elena must face? Almost as moving as Elena’s story is the struggle of her mother-in-law, Frances Golden, to accept this woman who deserted her son and grandson. She allows Elena into her home for the sake of her son, but she is not sure she can allow her into her heart.

This is the third and final book in the Abounding Love series. Elena’s Song can be read in conjunction with the first two books, but can also stand alone. The story takes place in Detroit in 1885, but there are not many historical elements linking it to that time. Ms. Stoks’ strength is in her empathetic portrait of the struggles the characters face as they work through their own difficult decisions.