Earl of Huntingdon (Outlaw’s Legacy Book 3)

Written by N. B. Dixon
Review by Anna Bennett

Picking up nine years after the conclusion of Knight of Sherwood, readers will find that all is not well with our folk hero. Following Robin Hood’s wedding, the Merry Men settled in for the next phase of their lives. Unfortunately for the group, old grudges have not died, and a few old faces from the past have made their way to Locksley for a final reckoning—both friend and foe. Can Robin and Will reconcile the time, distance, and social mores that have separated them? Might Locksley ever see much-desired peace?

Dixon signs off on her series with a flourish of characters battling internal existential queries and external quarrels for existence. Following one’s heart in the 13th century was not always the proper thing to do, but would it be the right thing? From the Earl himself down to a simple squire, characters and readers alike will be forced to ask themselves if the consequences of their heart’s desire are worth the abandonment of what’s expected. Settle in for an easy read, well-written battles, and detailed plot resolutions as we bid adieu.