Written by Roberta Gellis
Review by Mirella Patzer

This novel is part of the Roselynde Chronicles. When both of Desiree of Exceat’s parents die, she is alone and vulnerable to ruthless suitors who want her holdings. She marries Frewyn of Polegate, a man old enough to be her grandfather, but he is gentle and kind and has her best interests at heart. But several years later, Frewyn lies dying at the same time as France threatens to invade England. Alex Baudoin is made castellan of Desiree’s land to protect them from the invasion. Frewyn and Desiree genuinely trust him. But Alex’s villainous brother is jealous of Alex’s good fortune and shows up with murder on his mind.

Roberta Gellis once again writes a story that draws you into the 12th century. She skillfully weaves historical facts of the times into a fictional romantic tale. The beloved characters from her novel Roselynde reappear in this story. This book features a snippet from Roselynde and a medieval recipe for frumenty, a popular dish in the Middle Ages. As with other Gellis novels, I enjoyed this one especially for its accurate details of the times and the vivid descriptions of life during this turbulent era.